Hi there and welcome to my corner of the universe. Be afraid, be very afraid! ::Laughs maniacally:: ::gets slapped in the back of head by Jake:: Ok, ok, I'll behave for now . "I heard that!"  ::Do'h::

Anyway I'm called Giant (and no I'm not a giant from the dark ages or a food store, got it?), but when I go out in public i can't use that name so I'm Nicole Kitty.  This is my web page (well duh!), and as you may or may not know I am an alien.

::kats start to run away screaming:: Wait I'm a good alien, well sort of. I come from a planet that was destroyed long ago by an evil being( don't worry I'll get even with him). I traveled the galaxy and basically destroyed anyone who was evil, not realizing that in doing so I became just as bad as they were.  ::everyone starts to back away slowly:: Hang on, it gets better I promise.

I use to destroy them  because I didn't know any better, well that is until I met the Swat Kats.  They (especially Jake) showed me that there is more to life then just fighting and killing. For that I thank them with all my heart. That is why I made this page.  There is a ray of hope in this cold cruel world that we can always depend upon. No matter what anyone else says or does we all know that the Swat Kats will always be prevail.

Hear that tURNER! The Swat Kats will always win and there is nothing you can do about it! ::paw slowly strokes phaser in lap:: HeeHeeHee
Sorry I had to do that, I'm ok now. I hate tURNER as much as the next kat and if I ever got the chance I'd give him a piece of my mind, along with a couple missiles.

Anyway if you are still here you're welcome to browse my web page, read the rest of my story, and see my sorry attempts at drawing. Oh, and please visit my "Friends Gallery". A big thanx goes out to all those who helped and drew for me. YEAH, WAHOO!! Thanks for putting up with all my nagging guys. I really appreciate it!

9-13-00 Ok I finally did it! I redid my web page! YAY! I still like this one so I decided to leave it up, but I won't be updating it anymore. For my new page here

  Introduction to the Swat Kats- Swat Kat?? What's that? Is that like a  new type of fly swatter??

My Version of the Swat Kat world (AKA my fanfics)-Wanna see the rest of my story? Well here's your chance (no, not the big, fat one that watches Scardey Kat)

Fan Art- Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Things You Would Never Here the Swat Kats Say or Do! (or at least we hope not)-Danger!!!Extreme Silliness ahead!

Save Our Swat Kats- We can't give up kats!!!

About Me (the real me)- I have a life outside Swat Kats- Inconceivable!!!

Credits and Legal Stuff-I think this is pretty self-explanatory

Lynx-Hey go visit all my buddies!

Questions? Comments? Complaints? E-mail me at: KittyG25@erols.com

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